T-Rex Dinosaur 17" Plush Toy

  • All hail the king of stuffed animals, the T-Rex 17" Plush
  • Don’t let the short arms and the claws fool you, this snuggly plush toy is ready to cuddle—but your arms might have to do most of the work
  • While scale-like in appearance, the green fabric of this realistic stuffed animal is made from high-quality, huggably soft, surface-washable material
  • Standing ready to hunt down its prey, this T-Rex stuffed animal measures 17 inches from its hungry, tooth-filled jaw to its powerful tail
  • Kids, teens, and adults will love this prehistoric plush toy; the T-Rex dinosaur is above the competition

There’s a reason the Tyrannosaurus Rex is considered the ‘king’ of dinosaurs. Not only was the T-Rex one of the biggest carnivores of the Cretaceous period, but it was strong, fast, and smart to boot. This realistic stuffed animal definitely isn’t a carnivorous predator like its prehistoric relative, but you can bet it is always on the hunt for hugs. Bow down to the king of cuddles! This stuffed animal is the fiercest snuggler in all the land. While the mottled brown fur of this plush toy’s head, back, and limbs mimics a lizard’s scaly skin, the fabric is soft and fuzzy to the touch. According to fossil finds, the average Tyrannosaurus Rex was 42 feet long from snout to tail, but your T-Rex stuffed animal measures in at a more manageable 15 inches. That makes this cretaceous-era cutie the perfect size to take on any adventure. And no matter where those adventures take you or what messes you get into, your plushie will always come out of it looking dino-mite, because this short-armed stuffed animal is built from 100% surface-washable, high-quality fabric. Adults, tykes, tots, and teens will be roaring their approval for this tremendous T-Rex plush toy.

The T-Rex is the King of Dinosaurs !  This is considered to be the greatest predator of all time.  It had a massive body with 60 sharp teeth and a very strong jaw. It ate meat.  It walked upright and was about as long as a large school bus !  From what we believe, its life expectancy was under 30 years.  This King of Dinosaurs ruled his homeland of North America until the end of dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

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